Batch File Renamer (Windows)

Rename/Replace/Insert all your files inside entire directory with just one click.

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Batch File Renamer is GUI program which allows you to easily rename files inside entire folder based upon extremely flexible criteria, you can insert or remove or replace particular word or sentence from the files with one click saving your precious time.


One Click Renaming

Rename all files in directory just with one click like inserting/removing/replacing word or sentence with multiple entries at one go.

Easy To Use

It is clean and simple UI and easy to use.


Portable executable so no need to install ans waste the time, just download it and run right away from anywhere in your computer.

No Strings Attached

No Ads, no need to buy, Total FREE.





v1.1 (27/Jun/2019)
– Added Replace option to replace the word/sentence in file names.
– Remove and Replace options now takes multiple words/sentence separated by comma instead of one.
– Minor UI changes and simplified options separately.
– Bugs fixed.

v1.0 (12/Oct/2018)
– Initial Release.