Device ID Masker Pro pulled down from Google Play Store

EDIT :- New App Published, READ HERE
Hi, since morning Device ID Masker Pro is not visible on play store anymore, i have received tons of emails for this.
To be precise google took down the DIM Pro version because google do not allow accessing and spoofing sensitive values for example mac addresses,imei and other details and as Device ID Masker allows you to hide your privacy and spoof to something else which irked google who loves forcing restrictions and own rules.

Right now if you have installed the app you maybe able to use the app without any issue.

If you have not bought this app then you wont be able use it.

For old users i will create another Unlocker app which can be downloaded from website and for new users new Unlocker app will be pushed to store and Lite version will be merged with pro version and which will be unlocked on license.

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