Device ID Masker v1.17 is released

Device ID Masker v1.17 is released

Changelog v1.17 (31/Jul/2019)
!!..Reboot device after this update so xposed changes can take effect..!!
– Added support for non root/non xposed devices using VirtualXposed, restrictions are there for example only those apps installed inside VXP can be spoofed also all values cant be spoofed for example android id, bluetooth mac address on some apps leads to crash, check website for video tutorials
– Improved compatibility with EdXposed on Pie.
– Added Spoofing for fingerprint,id,incremental and host.
– DIM will show only values when they are applied else show current values empty see reason below for more privacy.
– No extra google lib required so size reduced, more optimized and also no extra permissions required like Accounts, Contacts, Location, Phone State as DIM wont fetch these values anymore from system just hook them.
– By default Android Version will not be hooked even if value is applied to prevent accidental crashes, to enable it goto settings and enable the option to hook.
– Added script to fix emergency bootloop by flashing in recovery, which will be extracted to ‘/Internal_Memory/DIM/’ folder.
– Added Clear Dalvik Cache option.
– Updated Hooks.
– Update Help Section.
– Removed Google+ stuff.
– Fix crashes.
– Bugs fixed.

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